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Do you know the Nómada Market? Visit the new Design Soufflé

19 Dec

Hi guys! We’ve a new post on Design Soufflé. Do you know the Nómada Market? It’s an independent design fair celebrated in Madrid, Spain. Come and meet some new great designers! We remind you that we’re not posting here anymore :). Visit the new blog!


Visit the new Design Soufflé blog

14 Dec

Hi dear subscribers! How is it going? We would love if you guys come to visit the new Design Soufflé blog. We’ve moved some days ago and we’re not posting here anymore. So please, visit the blog and subscribe to the new one, we miss you!


See you at the new Design Soufflé!

28 Nov

Just a reminder people! If someone of you doesn’t know yet, we’ve moved to now. You can find us at So don’t forget to subscribe there! The same spirit, same contents, different design. See you!

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